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What is eQMS?

My Cloud queuing system or eQMS is a solution for managing queues of people. It blends elegantly in your waiting area and feed you real time information to deliver the best possible customer experience.


IP Based

Uses your existing wired or wireless network to connect system components.


My Cloud queuing system uses web technology. This allows flexibility with the number of displays, counters or touch screens.

Easy to use

Designed with simplicity in mind so that little or no training is required for you to get started.


Unlimited Queues

My Cloud queuing system can manage any number of queues or services simultaneously. Eg, Customer service or cashier.

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Rich content

People waiting in a queue glance at the LCD display several times per minute and every time they hear the beep. It is a great opportunity to display marketing, announcements or educational content.


Real time statistics

My Cloud queuing system shows you how different queues are performing in real-time, through a dashboard. This helps make informed decisions right from your desk.



Every ticket served is recorded. This provides insightful information such as agent performance, peek hours, etc. at a click.

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System Components

EQMS Appliance

The appliance holds the queuing system software and control all other components.

Touch screen

The touch screen is used to select the desired ticket to generate.

Ticket Printer

The ticket printer prints the ticket chosen on the touch screen.

LCD Display

A wall or ceiling mounted screen shows notifications when an agent calls the next customer & displays user defined content.

Agent Dashboard

This web application is accessed by the agent via their computer. It gives real time queue positions & is used to call the next customer.


All components are linked by an underlying network, wired or wireless.


What is eqms?
My Cloud eQMS is a queue management system or more commonly a queuing or ticketing system. It organises queues of people and blends elegantly in your waiting area. eQMS feeds you real time information about waiting customers to help you deliver the best possible customer experience.
How many services can be managed by eQMS?
eQMS can manage an unlimited number of services or queues. Eg, Customer service, cashier, etc. 
How many ticket generators can I use?

eQMS can accommodate as many ticket generators as required.

What kind of display is supported for showing ticket information?
Any LCD or LED display, including consumer grade television can be used, provided they support HDMI and 16:9 aspect ratio. 
How does an agent call the next customer?
Each agent uses a web browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile to view real time queue information & call the next customer.
Which web browsers are supported?

eQMS works on IE 11, Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

Can an agent sign in on a mobile device?

Yes, an agent can sign in on a tablet or smartphone.

How can the display be used for custom content?

Marketing, informative or educational material can be displayed along with queuing information to customers waiting. 

How is the content displayed?

The display screen is split to partly show your content and queuing information. Videos or images uploaded by the user will be displayed as a slideshow.

Which media formats are supported?

Images can be of JPG or PNG. Videos supported are MOV & MP4.

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